Refurbishing & Polishing Split Rim Lips

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Few feelings are worse than curbing your wheels but it’s not always the end of the world and you might be surprised at what can be achieved with a file, wet & dry paper, polish and plenty of elbow grease for good measure. The techniques described in this section are for removing light cosmetic damage from split rim lips (or polished wheels) only. Unlike painted wheels, split rim lips cannot be filled and so the damaged area must be removed through a process of filing, sanding and polishing until it is no longer visible. If your wheel is in any way bent, buckled, or more severely damaged, get it checked out by a professional. It may be salvageable by other methods but that would depend on the nature and extent of the damage.



While this section follows directly on from the above, it is also applicable for polishing entire wheels and lips. Preparing metal for polishing is a drawn out process and it takes many hours when carried out by hand. We do not advise attempting this without the use of a dremel/rotary tool unless the metal is in a very good condition to start with. The time taken to refurbish and polish all four lips in this example was likely in the region of days, not hours. So if you don’t have the time or patience to commit, we’d recommend paying a professional…

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