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The BBS LM 2-piece forged motorsport inspired wheel. Classic design which makes it the most copied wheel in the market now. With so many imitation and fake BBS LM, please note that an authentic / original BBS LM will always have:


1. The ff. in the center portion

2. BBS Logo

3. Production / Serial No. (i.e. A87092)

4. Part No. (i.e. LMP067)

5. Size, Width, & Offset (i.e. 7Jx17H2ET42)

6. Weight Max Load (i.e. VIA 690KG)

7. JWL logo

8. BBS Gold 3D center cap. A Gold BBS logo in the center cap (regardless of the background color) means this wheel model is forged and made by BBS Japan. (A silver BBS logo means they're cast or flow formed by BBS Germany.)

9. If you look closely at the BBS logo in the center cap, you'll notice the BBS logo in gold has a 3D metallic grains like that of a gold bar.

*Information Provided by SaveTheWheels (via @jeff_xlr on IG)*

BBS of America, Inc.

5320 BBS Drive,

Braselton, Georgia 30517


Tel.: 770.967.9848

Fax: 770.967.9866

E-Mail: [email protected]

North American Wide Lip Source:

Kodiak Motorsports

#1 - 30455 Progressive Way

Abbotsford, BC  Canada

V2T 6W3

Tel: 877.856.7311, Pacific time (ask for Daryle or Carol)

E-mail: [email protected]


United Kingdom Wide Lip Source:

Image Wheels International, Ltd.

3 Fountain Lane, Tipton

West Midlands


Great Britain

Tel: (UK) 0121 522 2442

Fax: (UK) 0121 520 9311

E-mail: [email protected]



General Pricing:

For a 15" diameter 2" lip: $78 USD (Image's price of 66 pounds is about $110 USD each, not including shipping from Europe).  Shipping is where the big savings should be with Kodiak. Without shipping charges, (4) 2" lips are $312. On average, the total has been about $359 for (4) 2" lips, and a tube of sealant, shipped.


Lip Size to New Wheel Width:

0.5" lip = 6.5" overall (standard BBS RMs)

1.5" lip = 7.5" width total

2.0" lip = 8.0" width total

3.0" lip = 9.0" width total


Preferred Tire Sizes:

Optimum/preferred 15" tire size for 8" wide wheel: 195/45-15 (front/rear)

Optimum/preferred 15" tire size for 9" wide wheel: 205/40-15 or 215/40-15(rears)

You'll have to go overseas for the rears, though in a 9" size. Not available in the US for some reason even though most tire manufacturers sell them, just not here. Pretty much your only option in the U.S. is 195/45-15 or 195/50-15 front and 205/50-15 rear.

Toyo makes the Proxes T1-S in the 215-45 that is readily available in the States. 

You can get Toyo Proxes T1S in 195/45-15 for about $125 ea. from these two places:

195/45-15 Kuhmos (not a great performing tire) have been spotted selling for $50 ea. carries: Kumho ECSTA Supra 712 for $71 each in 195/45-15

Discount Tire Direct ( carries no tire in 195/45-15


Tire Heights:

215/45/15 will be 22.6" tall in total

205/40/15 will be 21.4" tall in total

205/50/15 will be 23.1" tall in total

195/45/15 will be 21.9" tall in total

195/50/15 will be 22.7" tall in total


Wheel Lip Manufacturing Process:

The parts that we make are made from 6061 aluminum and go through many steps to ensure their strength. Pot holes will only hurt your wheels if you do not have enough air pressure. Even if you had steel wheels they would bend if they came in contact with the ground. Kodiak parts are available in .500" increments from 1 inch to 10 inches wide. The width of the rim shell doest really have any effect on the strength until you get into very high loading vehicles. Kodiak rim shells are spun formed. It makes the part the strongest it can be by forging the sheet into the wheel shape. The rims are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and are .190" thick. They are machined on a vertical CNC and then polished to a mirror finish. Kodiak has made a variety of different profiles in the past but they now do almost everything using the J (ISO) contour. This contour is the most common and makes it easy for tire mounters.


Valve Hole Size:

Kodiak drilled some lips with the standard wheel size then thought it might be better to leave the hole the same size as stock BBS. If you want to go to a standard size just run a drill bit through the hole. It is easy and anyone can do it. The standard size for a valve hole is .431"  so a 7/16" drill bit (.437") will work just fine.


Bolt Pattern & Bolts:

Both the BBS RSs and the RMs have 30 bolts per wheel, and they are the same bolt pattern. 17s should have 35 bolt holes. Torque bolts in a crossing star pattern, just like you would do with lug bolts.

BBS RM bolt torque is 12-15 lb/ft

BBS RS bolt torque is  40 lb/ft

NOTE: Some people have reported that when re-using old wheel bolts that they have experienced breakage to the bolt at 40 lb/ft torque specs. This number was provided by BBS for new and unstretched OEM bolts. Some individuals have suggested that 18 lb/ft is a more reasonable torque setting when re-using old bolts on BBS 3-piece wheels. Use these numbers at YOUR OWN RISK.


Disassembly and Assembly information:

Taking apart your wheels is a piece of cake. It only requires common sense and a little patience. Kodiak suggests to it's racing customers that they take apart and inspect there wheels every year. [This is probably not needed on a street tire.] We have yet to have anyone that hasn't been able to do it on their own. It is important to make sure that the parts are clean when they are reassembled.

Use a 12pt 8mm socket on the bolts and heat the lips up with a heat gun for 5-10 minutes before going at them with a rubber mallet. It should take no longer than 2 hours to have them all apart.

Use a decent 3/8 drive torque wrench and use a crossover method for tighening. After you torque the wheels put a bead of silicone adheasive over the seal on smooth it out. If you are really worried about leaking just put a very thin coat on one day and follow it up with a second coat 24 hours later.


Sealing Wheel Shells:

1. Clean the mating surfaces with laquer thinner and let dry.

2. Bolt the two shells together "DRY" and torque to spec.

3. Lay thin bead of silicone in the crack between the mating surfaces and smooth. Let it dry overnight.

4. Re-apply a bead over the first and smooth out to about a 1.0" bead width and smooth.


If you follow this procedure your wheels will never leak. The reason you don't want silicone between the halves is because all silicone shrinks as it cures. As is shrinks the pressure between the shells changes and your torque changes. BBS use a different system. I wouldnt worry about how the silicone looks. Once you put a tire on you cant see it anyway. The last thing to want is to be driving down the road and get a flat because you didnt use enough sealant. Kodiak suggests to all of their customers that they recheck the torque after you run the wheels for the first time. Just make a few turns each way and quickly recheck (just check don't tighten more).

One recommended product for sealing wheel halves is called Toyota Seal 10* (can't remember the last number) also known as FIPG or as it sounds "Fipige." It is only available at the dealer, 3 oz. cost near 15 dollars, no silicone in it, I believe, but it will seal almost unsealable things. Generally, and good quality RTV silicone sealant will work perfectly, though. Dow Corning 832 Multi Surface Adhesive Sealant was also recommended. Kinesis Motorsports also recommends a sealant called, Shin-Etsu Silicone (1 Component RTV). This is available from Kinesis Motorsports directly.


Other Important Multi-piece BBS Information:

BBS wheel assembly information:

Euro source for BBS parts (tapered and flush centercaps, gold and chrome bolts, etc.):

The chrome BBS cap inserts are 70 mm cap inserts from either the LM, RK or RKII.  From the Wheel & Tire Forum, Eric @ posted all the various BBS center cap combos.

BBS Center Cap Thread

On new bolts from BBS: quoted $50 a wheel from BBS of America, to re-assemble the wheel with new titanium fasteners. They will NOT sell you bolts directly for liability reasons, but they will do them up for you themselves for a fee. This also includes new seals between the rim halves, too. It is unknown if they will assemble wheel pieces that they did not manufacture.

Flushfit valve stems:

Titanium, stainless and steel bolts for 2-3pc wheels: